A Little 'Bout Us

There is something powerful about Nature that inspires creativity.  All of its perfect imperfections.  

We enjoy arts & crafts, traveling, camping, hiking, bicycle riding, the mountains and changing seasons.  We believe everyone should be stewards in their local communities.  Buying local, sustainable, recyclable, and ethically produced and grown products is important to our family.  Our choices impact you, and yours, us.

We got into the soap making business accidentally, but into making soap quite deliberately.  Our youngest son had problematic skin which became aggravated by the use of commercial skin products.  We decided to begin making our own soap to help him out - this was the deliberate part.  After many months of trial and error, and after many successful batches of soap, we found ourselves up to our necks in bars, scraps, and shavings of soap.  And so we began giving soap away to friends, family, and neighbors.  Soon enough, they started coming back and asking for more!  Naturally, we made more - this was the accidental part.  Somewhere between stirring, molding, cutting, and gifting our handcrafted soap, a small business began.

Making handcrafted soap (and everything else) is certainly a team effort!  We work hard to bring you quality products you can trust and enjoy.  Thank you for making our little shop, a big part of your world!

Sending bubbles your way,
Nathan & Naomy
Bar Soap Shop Team

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