Wholesale Services

Wholesale Terms

Payment Terms

- We accept check, money order, or VISA, MasterCard, Discovery, AMEX, or PayPal.  We DO NOT accept cash payments.

Shipping Terms

- Free delivery if within 20 miles of Amherst, NH.  Free shipping on orders of $500 or more within the Continental U.S.

- If order is less than $500 and further than 20 miles, or outside the Continental U.S., buyer pays shipping cost.

Lead Times

- Orders may take 1-2 weeks to fulfill depending on size.

Order Incentives

- Orders receive a 42% discount off MSRP.

Order Minimums

- Initial order - $500 minimum.  Additional orders - $200 minimum.

Custom orders are possible (e.g., private label) for an additional setup fee of $75.  Large soap orders may require additional time to fill to cure before shipping.  For a copy of our wholesale agreement and order form, send us an email at  Or, contact us (via email) and we can coordinate a wholesale buyer's code that you use at checkout to order directly from our website!

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon!


~Bar Soap Shop Team

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