Sea Soak, Essential Oil

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How to use bath salts:
Step 1 - Run a warm water bath
Step 2 - Hop into bath
Step 3 - Scoop as much, or little, salt into the water as desired (We recommend using 15 oz per bath)
Step 4 - Enjoy!

Use once per week for 20 minutes to enjoy the full benefits of our sea soaks.


Ingredients: Dead sea salt, Epsom salt, Essential oil blend


Made is the U.S.A

Net wt. 15 oz


Gravedigger - Same great scent as in our Gravedigger soap and lotion!

Guapo (Pictured) - Looking for something for your manly side?  Guapo's got you covered.  Made with our Guapo essential oil blend of myrrh, frankincense, and cedar wood giving a rich, lightly woody, sweet scent.

Lavender Blossom - Lavender Blossom has everything a lavender admirer needs - lavender essential oil and full lavender blossoms.

Orange You Glad - A blend of essential oils that smells just like the orange creamsicles you used to eat as a kid.

Soothing Body - Hard day at work or at the gym?  Take a deep breath and relax with our Soothing Body bath salt.  Whether it's sore muscles or feeling a little under the weather, Soothing Body's essential oil blend has got you covered.


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